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Service Focus

  • Fluency (stuttering and mumbling) of children and adults.
  • Voice disorders in children and adults.
  • Language and swallowing recovery after brain injury.
  • Speech and language assessment and therapy for preschoolers and school age children.
  • Accent modification: articulation, rate, intonation, volume, and pitch.

Why Choose Us ?

The treatment starts with a comprehensive speech assessment to identify your unique speech challenges. Our experienced speech therapists will prepare a treatment plan based on your assessment result. This way, every session is 100% customized for you. Combining decades of experienced with laser focused individual attention, is what makes Hello Speech Therapy the #1 Speech Therapy service in Manitoba.

We will hold your hand every step of the way until you experience a complete transformation of speech-language proficiency.

The 5 Simple Steps to Success



When it comes to speech-language, everyone's challenges are different. As a result, a comprehensive speech assessment will be the first step to help our therapists understand your situation, and make a treatment plan that is 100% individualized for your needs.



With our result driven approaches by professional therapists with over 20 years of expertise, many people start to notice changes in their speech in as little as 3-4 sessions.



Practice is the essence of all learning. Unlike other once a week therapy service, Hello Speech Therapy provides affordable practice opportunities for you to put what you have learned with our therapists into real world scenarios, So speaking in the right way will naturally become your habits.



Some people found their communication challenges go beyond just words or pronunciation. Lack of confidence, feeling of isolation, experience of social anxiety are very common challenges. As a result, Hello Speech Therapy also provides psychological support to make you confident about every word you say!



With enough therapy and practice, your success is virtually guaranteed! After completing the treatment, you could take another assessment to see the tremendous progress you have made. Even if you do half as well as most of the people who went through the treatment, you will be totally amazed by what you can achieve!

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Commonly Asked Questions:

  • How long is each session?

    Each session is 50 minutes. Available in person or online.

  • How many sessions do I need to take?

    The number of sessions depends on the profile of each individual. Many of our clients start to experience a noticeable difference in just 3-4 sessions. Also, the amount of effort you put into practice will make a huge difference as well.

  • How about the price?

    We pride ourselves on providing the most affordable Speech Therapy in Manitoba, that’s why we provide a Price Match Guarantee, which means, within 30 days of taking a session, we will match the price for you with an additional $200 credit if you found any registered speech-language pathologist (RSLP) in Canada providing comparable service with a lower rate.


Accepted Insurance Plans

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