Why We Do What We Do

At Hello Speech Therapy we believe everyone has a story to tell and a voice to be heard. By building a team of experienced and motivated therapists and support staff, aided by state of the art technology, we work to make quality speech therapy affordable and accessible.

The Team

At Hello Speech Therapy we believe our greatest strength is our team. We are committed to providing a welcoming, collaborative, and safe work environment for staff and clients.

The Innovation

We are an innovative organization that challenges the status quo and strives to innovate new and better approaches to improving the efficiency and quality of care. Not only do we leverage technology to measure and improve the effectiveness of our treatments, we also strive to create new treatment formats that are accessible and affordable to people in need.

The Leadership

We work hard to create a diverse and empowering culture where therapists can learn and share experiences and expertise with one another. Our ultimate goal is to improve services to our clients.

Final Words

AAs a young organization, we humbly invite those who deliver or receive our service to guide us, help us, and join us in building a shared vision of care.